Alma Kalorama

Alma Kalorama. A Melbourne band made up of brothers-in-law Michael Cooper and Davey Noordhoff. Consisting of a single guitar, a set of drums, and a 1960’s bomb shelter, their tracks are dreamy and nostalgic. We had a chat with Michael from the band about their upcoming gigs and what’s to come of this talented duo. You can catch them at;

May 15 – The Workers Club, Geelong.

May 16 – The Grace Darling, Melbourne.

How did Alma Kalorama come about, when did the two of you meet and decide to start a band?

Dave and I actually met in the Whitsundays in 2008. I was at a swim up bar and he swam right up next to me. We were wearing the same boardshorts. Since then we’ve played in a couple of different bands together. 

Describe Alma Kalorama in three words?

Burnese Mountain Dog. 

Who or What would you say your music sounds like?

When you need to go down to the shops and you can’t find your sunglasses and you panic for a bit but then you realise that it’s night time. Or check out

You’ve just recently released your latest track Now and Then, what was the creative process for this single?

We recorded ‘Now and Then’ in my bedroom. It was tracked live, with vocals added later. We didn’t overthink it, recording quickly to try and capture an honesty and grittiness that the song was screaming out for. Then we sent it off for mixing to Liam Judson who helped to bring that out further. He also did a far-out good job with our first single ‘Sober Things’.

What are your thoughts on crowd surfing? Are you a jumping into the crowd type, or thinking things through and not jumping type?

In the words of Van Halen, “crowd surfing is super dangerous”.

You’re about to go on tour promoting Now and Then, what are you looking forward to or not looking forward to whilst on tour?

Being our first trip interstate in Alma Kalorama, having the chance to try and win over a few new fans and friends is really exciting. Also the red lasers that shoot out of the Giant Koala’s eyes at Dadswell’s Bridge.

Post tour, what’s in the pipeline for Alma Kalorama? Is there more writing/an EP release on the cards?

We’ve already got a bunch of songs recorded, so we’ll put them together and sell our cars and release an album at some point.