The Kite String Tangle

We had a chat with The Kite String Tangle‘s Danney Harley as he premiered his new live show to music fans at an exclusive limited capacity show at Howler in Brunswick last week (see our live review here). The full-scale production and audio visual spectacular, is the latest project in the #JDFutureLegends series, an initiative which aims to support and champion music’s future legends and the stories behind them.

1. When did you first begin producing electronic music?

I got into it when I was at university in 2007 or 2008. I was just trying to record my guitar and record bands and then my interest shifted to what you can do on the computer after you’ve recorded the instruments. Which, in turn, led to my interest electronic music production.

2. You recently played at Mountain Sounds Festival, who were you most excited to play alongside?

That was a great festival! That festival actually had a bunch of people that have all played together a bunch of times so it was a really good hang backstage. SAFIA and Kilter are always such a fun time.

3. What has been the most epic festival/gig you’ve played at?

Splendour in the grass was pretty epic! AND Falls Lorne was probably the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to. I also got to do a guest vocal at Coachella one time and that was insane!

4. You premiered your new live AV show at Howler Bar in Melbourne, as part of the Jack Daniels Future Legends series, how does it feel to be given this opportunity and title as a future legend?

It’s pretty great to be given the opportunity to do something like this. The light show was something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now so having it come to fruition was surreal and amazing.

5. Tickets to your Howler bar show sold out in under 5 minutes, was this the response you were after?

It was definitely a welcome response haha. It was overwhelming! Such a positive response!

6. How did the audience react to your new live AV show?

It was awesome! There was definitely group gasping. It makes my live performance an entire show and I think the audience liked that.

7. What does TKST have planned for the remainder of the year?

I’m locking myself away for the time being to do some writing and then I have some sneaky plans for later in the year but I can’t say anything yet 🙂

8. Who are you currently listening to/totally digging right now?

I’m in a massive Jon Hopkins phase. Send help.

9. Who would you nominate as a Jack Daniels Future Legend?

The many upcoming acts in Australia right now. My faves at the moment are Flamingo, JOY and Eves the Behaviour 🙂 (all are also current legends)