Beginning its electronic life as a simple and wispy chord progression, peppered with blissed out shimmering textures; latest single ‘Fate’ from Adelaide electronic duo PINES, quickly evolved into a euphoric and summer centric track, laden with drums and synth chords.

In a matter of days, the boys from PINES (Adam & James) quickly discovered they’d once again created an energetic and powerful sonic-awakening, which stylistically walked a similar path to their previous single ‘All You Need’.

Speaking on the new single, James discusses the process behind writing ‘Fate’:
“When we’re writing new tracks we find that we’re often drawn to sounds that have a summery, warm sort of feel to them – sounds that evoke images of light and a kind of sun drenched nostalgia. In terms of progressions we love music that inspires the same sorts of themes as well as hinting that there might be something a bit bigger on the horizon”.

A track that sits comfortably within a playlist alongside; Flume, Cosmos Midnight, Odesza & Flight Facilities, Adam of PINES says: “We’re very much inspired by angelic sorts of tones when it comes to vocals. In this case, we played around for a while experimenting with vocal tones, sounds and pitching effects to arrive at a unique vocal that suited that track perfectly. We thought it was only fitting that we’d name the track Fate.”

Having recently supported minimalistic Icelandic-duo ‘Kiasmos’, and after securing a slot on the 2016 floating cruise-ship festival ‘Sea ‘N Beats‘ (which features ‘All You Need’ in the festival promo video) the future’s looking promising for the Adelaide electronic duo!