The Rubens

On Saturday 15th August, The Rubens will make the trip down from Sydney to Thredbo to enthral crowds with their new album ‘Hoops’, which will have just dropped on 7th August. From the soulful slow rock ballad ‘Lay it Down’ to their recent powerful track ‘Hallelujah’, the five-piece from Menangle will be providing music-lovers with epic rock anthems and hooks that will stay with them for days. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Zaac Margin, lead guitarist of the band, ahead of their latest album release set for the 7th of August.

1.     Tell us about your music video for ‘Hallelujah’ where was it filmed and what was the concept behind it?

We filmed it under an overpass at docklands in Melbourne, on a freezing cold day. The concept for the video was basically, show a homeless man singing the lyrics to the song as he dances round under the bridge where he lives and slowly takes his clothes off as the song finishes..

2.     What can we come to expect from your upcoming album ‘Hoops’? Will your fans be pleasantly surprised?

I sure hope our fans will be pleasantly surprised, or at least mildly entertained, I think it’ll be okay, it’s quite a move forward from our first album I think, sonically and in terms of songwriting, I think we’ve ‘grown as a band’, and ‘matured’ and all those cliches, there are a few heavier tracks on this album than our first. Basically I think the songs are way more interesting and better written, and there are so many more interesting sounds on this album.

3.     Are you nervous about releasing this new album or excited to get back into it after being away for so long?

I alternate between shitting my pants and being overly confident, today i’d say its 50/50 – it’s confidence versus incontinence. So yeah, I can’t wait to get back into it.

4.     You’ve announced a national tour and will also be playing at Thredbo’s Boost Mobile Uni Week, are you excited to be playing up in the slopes?

Yeah I’m excited to play any gig, but this one will be interesting, playing literally outside in the snow, still not sure what it’ll be like really, I’ll play in thermals and snow gear and it should be fine!

5.     What Thredbo activities are you most excited to try whilst there, the Onsie Party, Rekorderlig Après Sessions Poolside or the on-mountain Zorb Ball races?

I think the rest of the boys are pretty keen to do some of that snowboarding business, I’ll have a bit of a go, then i think Will and I will hang out at the bottom of the hill and have a beer, and maybe ride the chairlift a couple of times, just soak up the beautiful alpine air, you know.