Comprised of multi-instrumentalist Dave Jenkins Jr (Daniel Johns, Kirin J Callinan, Eves The Behavior) and newcomer Angela Ford, Sydney duo Vigilantes follow up their 2014 new-wave and pop-textured ‘Circles’ with their new seductive and bouncy retro-pop track ‘Elasticity’; premiered today by Indie Shuffle.

Co-produced by Sydney’s FBi Northern Lights winner Lanterns and mixed by Aaron Cupples (Dan Kelly, The Drones, Broken Social Scene), the enticing ‘Elasticity’ was conceptualised largely via text message whilst the duo were at opposite ends of the country.

Elasticity’ embodies effortless glamour. Angela plays with elements of call and response over the top of a gliding house music beat, as Dave manipulates the back-end of the chorus to sound like the textured victory theme of a futuristic, sci-fi, warrior princess. Jenkins explains “The cheeky synth line in the post chorus is a Prophet run through a guitar sequencer. The glass chime sound in the verses is a spoon on a tea cup, with a bunch of delay on it.”

At its core, ‘Elasticity’ is primarily a simple and timeless retro inspired, modern day pop song. It takes you by the hands and dances you to the edge of reason, before letting you go and watching with a smile, as you plummet into a celestial multi coloured ball-pit of good-times; all the while shaking your hips and biting your lip.